Community Gardening

Posted on July 5, 2009


Is it strange that we live next to other living breathing humans, who in imago dei should be honored, valued and known, and yet many times we barely know their names. We go about our separate lives, isolated by a yard, a fence, or (as in our apartment/house) a wall. Is it not also strange that though we have the ability and the space, we have other people grow all of our food? Sometimes I wonder if a more tribal way of life, of living in community and eating food that is the fruit of our own mutual labor is more of how God intended us to live. Though I by no means will deconstruct the entirety of our post-industrialist society and claim things ought to be different, I can’t help but wonder if we have disconnected ourselves too much from one another and the means which were origonally used to obtain our nutritional substinance. Just a thought.

This year marks our first real attempts at cultivating the seemingly barren Spokane soil to produce something we can eat. In May we talked with some of our neighbors who had also expressed interest in having a garden and together we tilled the soil in the empty lot next door (though often it is not quite as empty as the name implies, having various transients taking up overnight residence). We figured that if any of the homeless folks living on the lot decided to ransack our garden for tomatoes and spinach, they probably needed it more than us. Now, 2 months into our horticultural adventure we are starting to see the evidences of all our toil. Especially considering that is only our first garden, we are quite pleased with the results. Getting to spend time with our neighbors, digging in the dirt together has also been worth the effort and thoughts are already begin to take shape of how next year’s garden could be bigger and better.





Becca and Sarah