Anniversary Trip to Olympic National Park

Posted on July 23, 2009


For our one year anniversary we drove to the other side of Washington to go backpacking in the Olympic National Park. It was a wonderful time to get away, be together and be outdoors. Here are a few things that made the trip memorable:

  1. Getting to spend two nights backcountry in the Hoe Rainforest and two nights camping on the beach.
  2. Having a mouse take up residence in our car while we were back country (he made a little nest and also found some trail mix which he “hid” in little piles all over the car). We named him Herb so Claire wouldn’t be so freaked out if he ran across her lap while driving to the coast. Note: We stopped in Forks (yes, land of Twilight) to buy a mouse trap, but he never took the bait. We figured he ran out when we weren’t looking.
  3. Forgetting our eating utensils when we were back country, so John whittled spoons out of sticks.
  4. Seeing a coyote up close; he looked at us and completely ignored us. Somehow this little guy must have missed out on the whole fight-or-flight gene.
  5. Getting to see tidepools. This is one of Claire’s most vivid memories from her childhood.
  6. Reading a Spurgeon sermon together after dinner every night.
  7. Praying through the goals we set back in January and thanking God for enabling us to meet so many of them.
  8. Going to a marina in La Push and seeing a boat named, “Miss Clarissa”
  9. Watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean from our campsite.
  10. Having a lavender flavored Americano in Sequim (home of Washington’s largest lavender festival)
Our Journey Begins


John sets up the stove

View from our beach campsite

Eating with John’s whittled spoon

My husband is sooooo good looking.

A boat named Miss Clarissa