A Posse ad Esse

Posted on January 21, 2010


A posse ad esse
From possibility to actuality

This Latin phrase seems fitting in light of the fact that Africa Inland Mission Candidate Week is nearly upon us. It begins on Monday, February 15th. At the end of Candidate Week we will know whether or not we are accepted to be long term missionaries in Africa with the organization. Something that has for so long been a possibility (our dream of living and serving in Africa) may perhaps be on the cusp of become a reality. Considering this though, we don’t want to be presumptuous about our acceptance, nor do we want to make conjectures about our future, knowing that it is God who turns the pages and writes the narrative of our story.

With all that said we want to ask you to pray with us and for us as we fly to Pearl River, New York in the next few days. Pray we have hearts that would be humble to learn from those at AIM. Pray that AIM has discernment and wisdom about whether or not we would be a good fit for them and them for us…And in light of recent weather conditions on the East Coast, please pray that we have patience during potential delays and that we would not find ourselves stuck in Chicago (our layover) for days on end.