More Pictures!

Posted on August 16, 2010


Hopefully our pictures can give you more of a sense of what life is like here!

Along Ngong road. You can get pretty much any furniture made here.

Nairobi traffic…a somewhat artistic representaion.

More traffic.

While there are some nice houses around here, this is what most of the homes look like, especially outside the city a bit.

We managed to make it to the equator. We were told that for a small price we could watch a demonstration of water swirling the opposite directions on either side of the equator, but we didn’t want to pay for it, so we declined.

There are chickens and roosters everyone, but this one actually looked healthy. In fact, he was the best looking chicken I have seen since we came here.

This is an Ibis. They are all over Nairobi and they make a horrendus sound. Something like a cross between a seagull and terradactyl.

I barely managed to whip my camera out in time to snap a shot of this sign. This is in a town that has lots of coffee plantations and I can’t help but wonder what this hotel would be like.

There are driving schools all over, and many of them come up with odd names for their schools.

A Hindu temple. We were told that they give tours and that the inside is really interesting, but we have not gotten around to going.

A mosque, not far from where we are staying. We often hear the call the prayer multiple times a day.
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