We’ve moved!

Posted on November 30, 2010


Ok, so it was only 7 blocks. We are still in the same neighborhood of the lower South Hill, but we really wanted a little bit bigger living space because we have people over so often. We started looking for a new abode about a month ago when we found the humble little apartment that we moved into just before Thanksgiving.

We kept thinking we were crazy to go through all the hassle of moving since we are planning to move again in 10 months. However, now that we are settled in, we are really excited to be here.

Here is our living room right when you walk in the front door.

Here is the other side of our living room, facing the front door


Looking into the dining room from the living room.
Dining Room
In the dining room, looking into the kitchen through a wonderful little window.


The Kitchen (Claire’s favorite room in the house)


Our tiny bedroom (yes the bed takes up the whole room) And just because I think John is amazing, I have to note that he made the frame that is situated around the bed (it was his wedding gift to me!)


Another wonderful thing about living in older homes is getting a large clawfoot bathtub.
Though we only plan to be here until September of next year (when we are scheduled to leave Spokane and head to orientation), we are thankful that we will get to spend our last months in this quaint little place, so ideal for hosting dinner parties, and generally inviting people into our home. 

Pray with us that this place will be full of God’s love and that all who come into it will feel overwhelming welcomed and at home!