What is T.E.?

Posted on December 8, 2010


>T what?

T.E. It stands for Technical Evaluation.

It is 10 days of testing a pilot or mechanic’s skills to determine if they are technically competent as well as if they will be a good fit with the organization. Essentially, it is a extended and thorough job interview.

Thus we are both flying to to North Carolina January 4-17. From 9-5 (more or less) John will be asked to troubleshoot engine problems, perform routine maintenance and probably work on airplanes he has no previous experience with, and hopefully by the end of his evaluation they will tell him he has passed. At first we weren’t sure whether or not I would join him there, but as we talked to other couples who went to T.E., who strongly encouraged wives to come, we made the decision that I would go too. The facility there has a pretty established community, so I am sure I won’t get too lonely during the day while John is busy.

Just to clarify, we are currently accepted with Africa Inland Mission(AIM); however, this evaluation is specifically for the aviation branch, AIM AIR. We are excited about this next step, knowing it brings us to the point of just needing the rest of our funding before we begin orientation in the fall and then off to Kenya!

Please pray for safety in travel and that John would be able to accurately represent his skills and not get too stressed out over the whole thing, but would trust that God is sovereign over the entire evaluation.

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