2010 Year in Review

Posted on January 16, 2011


>We realize that January is half over; however, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to share some of the crowning moments of the past year.

Here it is, top ten style:

10. Going on a dinner-cruise on Lake Cour d’ Alene with all the Moody Staff and 2010 graduates.

9. Celebrating the last year of Clarissa’s 20’s (i.e. her 29th birthday) with a 1920’s style Murder Mystery party. No one solved the murder and we concluded that none of us would make successful detectives in real life.

8. Running Bloomsday in May in a smashing 1 hour and 30 minutes. For you non-Spokanites out there, Bloomsday is the largest road race in the world with something like 50,000 participants. Though only a 12k race, there are always some Kenyans who fly in for the race and win it. Our hope is that after a few years in Kenya, we can come back and win Bloomsday.

7. Flying into Sudan, especially now that the next time we go, Southern Sudan will most likely be a whole new country. If you haven’t been following that, you can learn more here.

6. Visiting friends in Pennsylvania and seeing a. real Amish (yes, they actually drive around in a horse and buggy on the road with cars) and b. the liberty bell.

5. Moving into a new apartment. Check out this post for photos of our new little living space.

4. Celebrating 2 years of being married by staying in a tented cabin overlooking a watering hole on the African savanna (and going on a short little safari).

3. For Claire: having reunion with some of her favorite people: Sarah G, Allegra Hochstetler, Kacy (C0x) Dudrey, and Katie Lyon. For John: The addition of several men to our missional community.

2. Making new friends in Kenya. We are so excited and we can’t wait to go back!

1. The grace of God that transcends our comprehension and has sustained us throughout this year, regardless of our awareness and despite our accomplishments.