Our Biennial Gingerbread House Contest

Posted on January 20, 2011


>So, this year was the second time that we had a gingerbread decorating contest with John’s family. The participants included Team Amazing: John and Clarissa. And Team Almost-As-Amazing: John’s Mom, Shari and sister Rachel.

The following pictures chronicle the epic event.

The day before we had to assemble the houses. We used a kit, which made it much easier, but it also forced us to constrain our creativity within the parameters of the structure designated by the kit.

As you can see, our house (the one on the right), had some graham cracker additions that we deemed necessary to our finished product.
John’a mom giving us the look of, “we know our house will turn out better, but don’t worry we’ll be nice about it.”

Our goal was a medieval castle, complete with mote, drawbridge, and stained glass windows…however, we decided that our food-dye stained banana chips (which were supposed to look like stone walls) really just ended up looking lame. In the end we deemed that their marshmallow cottage was the winner.

We thought the most creative element of the whole process was the “log fire” built out of old french fries. Way to go Rachel!

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