Valentines Day: An excuse to eat chocolate

Posted on February 13, 2011


I have been thinking about chocolate a lot lately. Perhaps the following post will reveal why.

We have had quite a few people ask us what we are doing for Valentines Day, and maybe this makes us boring married people, but generally our answer is “Nothing.” Upon which you might think, this is the day of cupid, of high flying romantic shenanigans, swooning, and expensive jewelry. However, I would like to think that is is precisely why we have chosen not to make a big deal out of it. Since day one we have decided that we don’t want our relationship to be defined by culture and we want there to be an intentionality behind what we do.

All that said, though, we have chosen to not completely ignore the holiday. I find it a delightful excuse to make decadent chocolate desserts (a tradition I intend to start this year) and John and I do have an agreement, though, a tradition of sorts for exchanging small (under $10) gifts.

For John, he knows he can expect from me some sort of culinary treat that doesn’t really fit into the usual grocery budget (this year he has put in a request for beef jerky), and he always gets a new comic book to transport him back to the nostalgic days of his youth (and to feed his inner superhero). P.S. trying to pick out a comic book from the 1000’s of comic books at the store is about the same experience as if you told me to go to the Russian book store and pick out a book.

For me, I know that I can expect some sort of flowers (this year I have heavily been dropping hints for Daffodils which basically means every time we are at the grocery store together I exclaim, “I love how daffodils remind me of spring, and look, they are only $2.49!”). In addition, I know that he will get me a few chocolate truffles of some sort from some upscale chocolate place. (Last year it was Godiva, but since they recently shut down, it will be a surprise.

A few weeks ago before Godiva shut down, this is me trying to be clever. As you might infer, the sign original said, "May your life be filled with Godiva"

You might be saying to yourself that there is nothing romantic in knowing what we are getting one another. However, I would like to argue that (warning cheesy, gushy stuff coming up) true romance cannot be contained to one Hallmark dictated holiday. Romance can be something that is expressed in a million little ways throughout daily life. And for all you single ladies out there, if any man attempts to woo you with expensive jewelry or flowers, but isn’t being “romantic” in all the little ways that count, then he is not worth your time.

So, in a tribute to my dear husband, who I can’t help but acclaim, here are just a few things that make being married to him a daily romantic venture.

  • The way he comes home from work and considers himself on “second shift.” I love that he is willing to sacrifice his own down time to talk to me, snuggle, help with dinner prep, or take out the overflowing garbage that I have been too lazy to tackle all day.
  • The way he can make a decision. This is huge. I can never decide on anything, and the fact that he can, when I feel exasperated by not knowing what to do, just makes my little heart flutter.
  • The fact that whatever comes out of the kitchen, whether it is his least favorite food, or it is some unidentifiable concoction from my experimental cooking, he is full of thanksgiving and appreciation.
  • The way he will ever so gently and graciously points out my selfishness and contentiousness. I am continually humbled by him.
  • The way his face lights up and he grins at me when I glance at him from across the room while he works on the laptop (as he is doing now).

I feel so blessed to be married to him….and eager to determine what chocolate decadence will be labored over in the kitchen on Monday.

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