Becoming a low-fat vegan (+fish+egg whites)

Posted on May 29, 2011


Along with my recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, you can imagine that I have spent countless hours reading everything the internet has to offer about treatment and lifestyle changes that could be helpful. In addition to that, I have also bought a few books that give me a lot of hope that I could live a very healthy life and experience minimal degeneration. One book that has been particularly helpful is called Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, and the author (a doctor who was diagnosed with MS when he was 45) bases all of his lifestyle and diet recommendations on his extensive research. Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis is the website if you were interested in learning more about it.

So, one of the biggest changes is a change in diet. Essentially the goal is to cut out saturated fat (so no animal products) and no dairy (b/c the dairy proteins can be easily mistaken in the body as an invader), and add in lots of omega-3 fats (hence the fish). I can also have egg whites because they have no fat. I cannot have chocolate (cocoa butter = too much saturated fat) or coconut (same reason).

So, while I have always tried to eat healthy whole foods, this change is presenting a whole new adventure. And when I say adventure I actually really do mean that! Have I missed chocolate? Yes. Cheese? Uh, yeah. However, I have also found myself more excited about cooking and getting creative than I ever was before. Somehow, choosing to eat food within set parameters has provided a challenge I am eager to take.

I have been trying all kinds of different fish that I have never tried before (Sole is a new favorite). I am exploring all kinds of new veggies like Chinese broccoli and roasted eggplant. And regarding chocolate, well I have gotten pretty creative at making chocolate desserts that use cocoa powder instead of chocolate.

Recipes that are winners are sure to make it on the blog, so stay tuned!

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