Friends, Lake Retreat, and Killer Cinnamon Rolls

Posted on June 17, 2011


Last weekend, we had the blessing of being able to make a quick trip up to a cabin that has been offered for Moody staff to enjoy. Though the sunshine tried to hide most of the weekend, we were still able to enjoy canoeing and relaxing in this beautiful cabin. And yes, that is a moose head on the wall. The picture does not do him justice…he was massive.

The guys went on a canoeing adventure to an island off the shore and in their conquest they aquired these flowers which they presented to us with great chivalry. Yup, that is how I like to describe John’s expression in the picture below. Pure chivalry.

So, ever since I changed my diet I have been dreaming (or at least laying in bed plotting) of making low-fat cinnamon rolls. So, this was attempt #1, and not to toot my own horn (or curtsy in my own apron), but they turned out splendid. I used a vegan cinnamon roll recipe for the dough and for the sweet cinnamony innards I substituted olive oil for the margarine and then added in an extra cup of homemade applesauce. Delightful! Oh, and did I mention that instead of raisins, there are plump morsels of fresh blueberries nestled in the layers. Extra yum. This recipe will definitely be making many future appearances in our life.

Some of our dear friends, Joel and Sarabeth Templin…they are so cute!