First Video Update

Posted on August 10, 2011


With some big changes happening, we decided to create a little video update.

Here are the bullet points (in the event that for some reason you are unable to watch the video).

  • As we were dealing with Claire’s diagnosis we lost a lot of valuable time in which we would have been planning/preparing for Kenya.
  • While praying about what to do about the rush we were feeling (and the lack of funds necessary to go), Moody Aviation asked John to consider staying on for another semester while they undergo major changes.
  • We recognized that God had sovereignly orchestrated our lack of funds with Moody’s need for John to stay another semester.
  • We decided to stay here for another semester to help out Moody Aviation.
  • Our new departure date is February 2012!
  • We are currently at 60% of our needed financial support; information about partnering with us is here.