Your junk will help us get to Africa

Posted on August 31, 2011


Translation: We are having a huge garage sale!

It is life in community to it’s fullest. Bring all your junk and unload it on us.

A lot of commentary could be offered on garage sales and what they say about American culture, but I will spare you the deep reflections and just invite you to our epic event.

Next weekend we are teaming together with some friends of ours who are preparing to serve in the Dominican Republic, and we are asking people to donate stuff that will hopefully sell and make us lots of money. Also, if you have a few free hours on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (and you live in Spokane), we are going to be having some pretty amazing pricing parties which may include some sort of concoction from my kitchen to sustain us in the weary task of pricing all the sale goodies.

When: Saturday Sept 10 7am-4pm

Where: Ten twenty three W 15th Ave, Spotown (it’s our friend’s house)

How to get your priceless but unwanted items to us: Call 509 two-three-zero. six-one-eight-seven. We will gladly come pick it up!