your stuff + front yard sale = $1300

Posted on September 23, 2011


A quick report on our garage sale

We got an overwhelming response to our request for donations for our garage sale.  That, along with the help of some amazing friends, we were able to raise a grand total of $2700 for ourselves and our friends who are preparing to go to the Dominican Republic. That means we were able to each walk away with $1300 toward our outgoing costs. A big thank you to everyone who helped and everyone who stopped by to shop.

While we are excited about what we were were able to bring in, we still have a long way to go, so if you have a couple (or 16) thousand dollars lying around, we can help take that off your hands.

OR if you have any ideas about how to help us raise 16,000 in the next 4 months, we are eager to hear them!

Also, coming up, rumor has it that our next major fundraiser is going to involve BACON….lots of it.