Vegans put on Bacon Feed

Posted on October 5, 2011


Oh, the irony.

Yes, John and I (along with another family) are putting on a Bacon-themed fundraiser. And no, I will not be eating any of the bacon. Some days I lament this as we talk about all the creative ways to use bacon in cooking (and baking), and other days even looking at pictures of bacon makes my stomach feel all icky inside. But let’s face it: 99% of you out there LOVE bacon and get all giddy inside just thinking about an event with the name Bacon Fest.

So mark your calendar right now for November 13th, especially if you live within a 300 mile radius of Spokane.

We are boldly praying for 200 attenders and to raise $10,000, which is probably outside the realm of reasonability, but we are praying for a miracle.

We are also having a silent auction, so if you or your dentist or your bus driver have any connections for potential silent auction items, then we would love to be put in contact with them.