Bacon, Bacon, and more Bacon

Posted on November 19, 2011


We have now had a week to recover from the feast of Bacon. In the days leading up the the event there were many frantic moments, long hours spent organizing, conversations about why we had not organized sooner, and a general apprehension about what would happen.

The day before the event snow began to descend. Those of you in other parts of the country may not be able to appreciate the trepidation that caused in our hearts. Spokane has a unique mix of hills and not sufficient plows so that during the first several snowfalls of the year most people just stay home.

Happily the snow was light and melted off quickly. We continued as planned with many questions about how many people would show up. We had maybe 85 people signed up to come and our desire was to have 200.

So we placed our sporks and plates carefully and set up the auction and raffle tables, and people began to show up, bringing bacon— and they kept coming! More and more people and food rolled in. We estimate around 120 people made it out with around 50 unique bacon dishes.

People mixed and meshed, as they ate lots of bacon, tried to out bid each other on some really cool auction items. We had weekend getaways, airline tickets, flights around Spokane, a home made knife, han- crafted jewelry, a commissioned art piece, and lots more.

Every one was very encouraging to us  and they bid generously. Some really cool stories came out of the night.

A young couple, pregnant with their first child was bidding on a set of baby items. Bidding against them was an older couple in our church along with their daughter. It was close for quite a while, until the older couple made a large jump in price. Knowing they were out-bid the young couple tried not to be disappointed when the auction table closed.  When it was over the older couple approached them to give them the baby items! It was their plan all along to bless them. Even hearing that story blessed us!

Some folks were incredibly creative with their entries.

It was neat to see others blessed by the event. We for some reason had not expected that added benefit to doing a fundraiser this way. We had a lot of help to make the event happen. My(John) sister flew out and helped us with the event as well as folks from our community group, and students from Moody Aviation. The event could not have happened with out them and without the generous donations of auction and raffle items!

The final take for the night was $5800. Split between ourselves and the Collazos who are going to the Dominican Republic, each family walked away with nearly $3000. Not bad for a first attempt at a big fundraiser! This gets us one step closer to Kenya!