Recommended Reading for the new year

Posted on January 6, 2012


By John

2011 Has come to a close, and it has been an eventful one. See our previous posts for a run down. Those of you who know us, know that we are book people. We love to read. Given the opportunity we might just read all the time. In preparing to leave we have sold or given away probably 300 books since we have been married(not by choice but by circumstance), and we still have more besides. That being said, we love a good book recommendation, and we love to give them out.

Here is my top books that I read in 2011, and I think you might like them, too.

Prodigal God By Tim Keller


Do you know what the word Prodigal means? We thought we did until we read this book. Just like we have lost the meaning of the word, we have also misplaced the audience and message of this parable. Keller helps us to reclaim the heart of the message.

If you read nothing else in 2012 read this book.

The Gospel Primer By Milton Vincent


Pick this little book up every day and you will still not be disappointed. Vincent has an uncanny way of distilling both our need for the gospel and the gospel itself into bite-sized very chewable, but meaty portions. You can read the book cover to cover in an hour. Its real power, however, is if you take it one small section at a time, slowly digesting and absorbing the good-news.

Wicked By Gregory Maguire


This recommendation comes with a strong warning. If it were a movie it would be rated R. It has some unsavory themes woven in and through the plot. It does, however, have deeply moving themes of brokenness, loss, and forgiveness (or lack there of). There is a desperate closeness to the gospel, a grappling with things spiritual and difficult. A crying out for something that would save.

I don’t want to say more lest I give away the points of the plot. One final warning: if you saw the Broadway show and love the happy funness of that, the book just might ruin it for you. Read at your own risk.

Watership Down By Richard Adams


Honestly, as I had never heard of the book, I thought we were about to embark on a high seas adventure. As you may know, it is in fact about rabbits, or rather the characters are rabbits. Really the book is about people. It is about how we think and act and what causes us to change or not change. Well-crafted writing brings a grand adventure on a small scale. Compelling characters drive the story to its very memorable conclusion. This is a wonderful story; don’t miss it.

Enjoy your new year and please send us your recommendations as well!
Topping my list for reads in the next year is How People Change by Lane and Tripp.