Technical Orientation Begins

Posted on March 9, 2012


Thirty four days of watching pavement stream by and reconnecting with friends and family scattered across the country has led us to our final destination: Waxhaw, North Carolina. Population 3,800. No movie theater, no Starbucks, and probably 30 baptist churches (evidence we are not in the NW anymore!).  Actually we are about 15 minutes from Waxhaw proper, which puts us right in the middle of rolling hills and beautiful woods that are close to bursting with spring (I have already done a formal examination of the buds of green leaves ready to explode out of the twiggy dead trees).

Needless to say, this is quite a change for us, as we had grown quite accustomed to living within walking distance of neighbors, groceries, coffee and what city life Spokane offers.

We will be here for the next 3 1/2 months for John’s Technical Orientation. Basically, that means more aviation training. We often joke that the only people who require more training/orientation before heading overseas are doctors.

While John has spent the last 5 years teaching aviation maintenance at Moody, this training will give him extra experience on aircraft is unfamiliar with, as well as go into more detail on some the specifics of how things are done overseas.

The orientation is done through JAARS, who has a huge campus here. JAARS is essentially the aviation branch of Wycliff Bible Translators, though they do a whole variety of things including media (creating the Jesus film in new languages), technology development for translators, and of course missionary aviation. We are thankful for the partnership that JAARS has with AIM, enabling us to do Technical Orientation here.

So here we are for the next 16 weeks!

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