Two exciting projects to serve the African church

Posted on June 7, 2012


It is always interesting to hear about new projects that are focused on the African church taking ownership and leadership, rather than being dependent on western leaders. Here are two that I have recently heard about, and are worth praying for and giving to.

Distant Boat

On Field Media is Africa Inland Mission’s media branch. They are continually using media to try and communicate what God is doing in Africa with people who don’t live there. However, they are currently embarking on a project, a feature length film, that seeks primarily to reach the African church. Check out the promotional video.

Africa Study Bible

For all of us, the Bible can often seem confusing. History, culture and language make it difficult to connect what the Bible says with every day life. That’s why it is so exciting to see this project underway. All the contributors are African, giving this study Bible a uniquely African perspective.

For a great article reviewing this project, check out Why Africa Needs a Study Bible by Collin Hanson at the Gospel Coalition.

Also check out the website for the project to learn more as well as how to support this project financially.

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