Kenya One Month in Review

Posted on August 17, 2012


*The brick in this picture was nestled in an abandoned building we were walking by one day.

We have been in Kenya for about a month now and we have a few observations that we want to share.

  1. Saying the word “no” in many contexts can be considered rude. So, you have to figure out how to do that without being direct.
  2. You do not know friendly until you have met a Kenyan.
  3. You can spend over $1500 for a fridge but it will only cost you $6 to be delivered. (note: this is not the price we paid for our fridge!)
  4. Homes often come with a “servant’s quarters.”(a small bedroom and bathroom that can only be entered through a separate door outside the house)
  5. Water filters are not for water snobs; they are for everyone.
  6. Your electric bill is pre-paid, just like your phone.
  7. Foot washing makes so much more sense now (and it’s not even the rainy season yet!)
  8. We will always be stared at and watched wherever we go…because of the color of our skin.
  9. Transformers are not just for kids, they are necessary for running anything electronic from the states.
  10. Paying 15 cents for a huge avocado still produces a euphoric feeling.

Three weeks spent in orientation left us with a foundation to build on. We were stripped of many assumptions and realized that in order to be a blessing, we need to be learners. Learners of language, learners of culture, learners of beliefs and ways that are so unfamiliar to us.

For months to come we are sure to feel incompetent, to be humbled, to be stripped of our American ways of independence and self-sufficiency.

We must come to Kenya as children to be taught. We will make many mistakes, but all good relationships are full of scars and reconciliations.

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