Camping in Kenya…with a 6 week old

Posted on November 14, 2012


Yeah, I know. This happened over a month ago. Oh well. Life with baby = getting nothing done.

Long before baby Cia made her debut, John and I began to fear that a baby would keep us holed up indoors, away from the splendors of nature. We envisioned a dreary future devoid of the excursions into the wild that we both find to be so life-giving . Especially now that we are in Africa, with so many enticing places to explore, the magnetic pull to get out of the city is nearly irresistible. So we resolved that no matter how inconvenient it might be to go camping with a baby, we would do it. And we did.

A few differences from previous camping trips:

  • our campsite was fenced in to prevent animals from coming too close (although ironically the fence was not completely enclosed)
  • at dusk, after returning from a hike, and we were ready to build a fire, there was already a pile off wood and sticks collected and there was a park ranger ready to build a fire for us!
  • changing a diaper via headlamp light is an act of faith
  • animal noises outside outside the tent in the middle of the night is all the more disconcerting when you have NO clue what animal it could be (“John, what noise does a zebra make? Can cape buffalo jump fences? Are hyenas aggressive?”)

And here are some pics…

Kenya’s Great Rift Valley

Overlooking Crater Lake


Valencia’s first camping trip!

The particular place we went didn’t have many dangerous animals (only cape buffalo) so they allow safari walks. What kind of animals did you see last time you went hiking? Here are some that we saw.

Baby zebra!