Big Sister

Posted on August 20, 2014


Valencia is becoming an older sister soon, not too soon we hope! She now walks around saying “big sister!” and “my toy!” by which we know she is well prepared for this new roll in her life. She has been growing in her understanding of what is happening day by day. Lots of books, and as we pull out more baby items we talk about how “this will be for your little sister.”

We began with the basics. As Clarissa’s belly grew we told her, “There is a baby in Mommy’s belly.” To which she drew the logical conclusion that there was one in Dad’s belly too, and Daddy decided he should do more sit-ups. Cia has gotten the idea at this point that only Mom has a baby. It is all very theoretical though, she points to Mama’s swelling middle, and says “Baby.” Actually she smacks Mama, causing Mama to react as if she were an abused child, cringing every time Cia raises her hands.

The other day though Baby girl #2 was rolling around pretty vigorously. So, we get Valencia to come over and put her hand on Mama’s belly. She is looking at us pretty dubiously and then all of a sudden she looks up an ineffable expression of surprise on her face. We tell her that is your little sister in there! She grabs Clarissa’s shirt and pulls it up looking for her sister that she is sure is right there, only to find Mama’s big belly.

We think she now gets the idea that there is a baby inside Mama! The wonder on her face reminded me of what Clarissa and I felt when it was Valencia in there. We were enraptured by the idea of getting to know her. We are really looking forward to Cia having a sister and her growing up to be a great older sister, we are already introducing her to the word “share,” which she loves so much she screams and falls on the floor flailing and shedding tears of what must be delight.

Some recent pics of her…


In the light of the sunrise.


Helping with dishes in the backyard while our kitchen was being worked on.


I promise, she is generally a happy camper.

IMG_5177IMG_5465 IMG_5428

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