Silver bullet

Posted on November 18, 2014


This post is for all of you who may be interested in the more technical aspect of what we do on the maintenance floor. I am picking up a bit from a former AIMer who wrote a blog all about refurbishing our aircraft. You can see his blog here project 206.

We are a leaner organization now so we do not have the luxuries of pulling the aircraft offline for the major work that he was into but we have three weeks to do a mini spruce up and engine change.


We are complying with all the Supplemental Inspection Documents that Cessna has introduced. And a few of them require eddy current inspections. So here is our local NDI guy inspecting the wing attach bolts.

The airplane almost as far apart as it was going to get. The windshield came out and we pulled the gear.


Our newest pilot mechanic Lindsey polishing our windshield.



We installed a rain gutter over the cargo doors to help a bit with keeping the rain off the pilot’s back.


Caleb is installing our Rebuilt IO-550-N.


We refreshed the stripes to help give the paint job new life.

IMG_0232.JPG Marko repairing the interior plastics.


And this was my inspection “prize” a little bird egg found in the wing.


We are almost done with the job, but I will post more pictures soon to show the finished product.