Home alone for a week

Posted on December 11, 2015


Clarissa took the girls to visit her grandma in Idaho leaving me with some valuable uninterrupted time to work on our 92 year old house.

92 years ago someone put this toilet in the middle of this room in our basement, along the way some plumbing and painting changes have happened but it was still awkward and Clarissa refused to use it because she always found dead spiders.

So I put a vinal floor in did some creative plumbing and began fitting a country top before the girls left on their trip.

We went with the rustic industrial design and I was really glad to have the project mostly done before they left.

We still need a mirror and to clean up the window and some baseboards but I needed it to be done so that I could jump on the next issue!

Our main bath had this horrible black and pink linoleum that had yellow stains all over it. But even worse in the corner next to the bath it was clear there was water damage. So I pulled up the linoleum and the tongue and grove wood floor under it was also damaged, as well as the sub floor pictured above. I repaired the subfloor actually using some und amazed pieces of the wood floor I pulled up.

I put down cement board to make a nice solid base and yes that is radiant heat mat because it is really not that much more while you are in the midst of the project and oh so nice.

I was lucky to be able to borrow a tile saw(never try to do this with out a saw you will hate your life). And a friend and long time jack of all trades came and helped me line up all the tile and talked me through most of the glue down process. That was harder than I thought it was going to be and I was really thankful for his help here.

This is basically the finished product. Th grout still needs sealed and a ftransition to the wood floor installed but we are ready to have warm feet this winter!

A buddy also helped me scrape paint from the tile. Side note: if you are ever tempted to paint tile, just be prepared to either tear the tile off or hate your life for weeks while you scrape it. Also don’t do it.

I put a new toilet in because the old one clogged all the time! With a floor that was not sealing was not a good combination.

This one was done long before this weekend but I thought I would include it anyway. We needed a railing to upstairs since our guest bedroom is up there so I built this one from black iron pipe and we thought it came out almost Pinterest worthy.

That is it for now. I still have more projects to do and outside work. We are getting back to Spokane early November if you want to help.

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