18 months

Posted on August 18, 2016


By Clarissa

I am often disbelieving that we have been back in the US for 18 months. That’s a full 12 months longer than we originally planned when we left Kenya in March of 2015. But as my years of life add one to another, I have found that one thing that can be expected is the unexpected. Sometime when the unexpected occurs, schedules are shredded, and life gets put on hold. That happened for us for many months. And now, finally, we are heading back to Kenya in 5 weeks.

Somehow, as other aspects of life got put on hold, so did this blog. Perhaps we felt like in the mundane of physical therapy exercises and making meals there was nothing really noteworthy to write about.

And yet, it has not been as though nothing significant has happened in recent months. If anything, this has been a season of trial, rest, reflection and discovery. Trials as we struggled to know how to move forward, and grappling with the fears and unknowns around Tessa’s illness. Rest, as we have had an extended time together as a family where John is not going to work everyday. Reflection on who we are, our parenting values, what we need to thrive.  And discovery. Discovering beauty in chaos, and how to love our kids better, how to love each other, and what it means to practically lean into what we believe in our heads, but sometimes struggle to believe in our hearts.

I think it will be good for me to get some of this out in words, to articulate, and thus elucidate what has transpired in the past months, for my own benefit before boarding our plane on September 28th. I know that in these past months, the work that God has been doing in our hearts is not merely a means to an end of returning to Kenya. And yet, as the time directly preceding our return to Kenya, it IS our preparation.

So here’s to (raises glass) getting back to blogging.