About Us

Hello. I am John. And I am Clarissa. We are the Holtzes, and this is our blog.

We like curry and going for walks and apple products and being with people.

We want to be single-hearted in our sojournings throughout life. Though there is much to distract us, we press on. We refuse to be hurried and pressed, that we might keep our souls set on God. There is no other peace.

We live in Africa. Nairobi, Kenya to be specific. A huge, multifaceted city complete with business, fashion, slums, media, and residents from all over the world. We daily interact with Kenyans, Rwandans, Indians, Germans, British, Somalis and other Americans.  God has put the people of Africa on our hearts, and we are eager to use whatever gifts and skills we have to bless the people here. Yes, there is much suffering and poverty and corruption, but there is also beauty and joy and simplicity. We hope to learn from our African brothers and sisters as we live amongst them; we know that they have as much to offer us (if not more) than we have to offer them.

We are serving in Nairobi, Kenya with Africa Inland Mission(AIM). John is an aircraft mechanic and uses his skills to help maintain the fleet of airplanes that AIM uses to transport missionaries, medical supplies, relief aid, teachers, etc all over East Africa

Join us in the journey. We hope to use this blog, as much as possible to keep you in the loop.

Important Dates:

John’s Birthday: March 25, 1982

Clarissa’s Birthday: May 5, 1981

Valencia’s Birthday: September 1, 2012

Our Anniversary: July 21, 2008


PS. Here are some random pics of us

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