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Kenya round two: what is different this time

September 26, 2016


We know, mostly, what we are heading into. When we first went out to Kenya in 2012, there were so many unknowns. Where would we live, what would driving be like? What would it be like to have a baby in Kenya? What kind of church community would we be a part of? What would […]

On the anniversary of becoming a mama

September 21, 2016


(Also known as Valencia’s birthday) Four years ago Valencia made me a mama. My heart swelled to hold this little 5.5 lb bundle, and I started on a new journey. I remember clearly knowing that motherhood would change me. But to be quite honest, I think I assumed the change would be kinda a one […]

18 months

August 18, 2016


By Clarissa I am often disbelieving that we have been back in the US for 18 months. That’s a full 12 months longer than we originally planned when we left Kenya in March of 2015. But as my years of life add one to another, I have found that one thing that can be expected is the […]

reflecting on 7 years… the destination Orcas Island

August 7, 2015


Seven years ago we said, “I do” or “I will” or something like that. It was the beginning our our journey. Seven years ago we honeymooned on Orcas Island. A quaint community in the Puget Sound about 1.5 hours north of Seattle. 84 Lunaversaries later (yes, we celebrate our monthly anniversary) we headed back to […]

Contessa Rachel’s Birth Story + pics

September 19, 2014


September 11th 2014 When many people around the world were remembering what happened 13 years ago in New York, I woke up with the thought, “Today I will birth a baby.” Here is the story. It is short. Much shorter than I was expecting, but birth is one of those things comes in it’s own […]

Five things we would not have known 2 years ago

August 20, 2014


1. We will never stop being a spectacle While we’ve come to expect being stared at ALL THE TIME, it still makes us uncomfortable. Walking down the street, talking to a neighbor, standing in line at the grocery store. Everywhere. Pretty much if we are within eyesight of anyone, they are staring at us, and […]


December 25, 2013


JB Phillips is dead now. I still read his paraphrase of the New Testament, though. This morning I read, “The light still shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out” (from John 1: 5). I have read that verse multiple times in more literal translations, but Philips chose to include one […]