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18 months

August 18, 2016


By Clarissa I am often disbelieving that we have been back in the US for 18 months. That’s a full 12 months longer than we originally planned when we left Kenya in March of 2015. But as my years of life add one to another, I have found that one thing that can be expected is the […]

Home alone for a week

December 11, 2015


Clarissa took the girls to visit her grandma in Idaho leaving me with some valuable uninterrupted time to work on our 92 year old house. 92 years ago someone put this toilet in the middle of this room in our basement, along the way some plumbing and painting changes have happened but it was still […]

Starbucks is Saving Christmas

November 7, 2015


I know that there has been a lot going around about how Starbucks hates Christmas (see here). But it is not true. In fact they love it. They have gone undercover to save Christmas. Don’t believe me? Let me show you: The Red Cup that says nothing. So many have accused Starbucks of hating Jesus for […]

joyous birthday celebrations

October 2, 2015


  After such a difficult past few months, our hearts are especially full of joy in celebrating the birthdays of our two little girls. Our days are often full of picking up the same messes, reminding Valencia not to climb onto the kitchen counters, and pulling all manner of things out of Tessa’s mouth even […]

Bacon, Bacon, and more Bacon

November 19, 2011


We have now had a week to recover from the feast of Bacon. In the days leading up the the event there were many frantic moments, long hours spent organizing, conversations about why we had not organized sooner, and a general apprehension about what would happen. The day before the event snow began to descend. Those of you in […]

“I Would Trust This Seller With My Life”

November 8, 2011


By John We have been purging lately. Not the wimpy spring cleaning that we are used to. Purging. Every week a pile of stuff appears in front of our bookshelves. Stuff that has to go away and never come back: furniture, books, household items that we can no longer keep, sports equipment, and even some […]


October 19, 2011


Old cars are always attracting my attention. For some reason, a rusted out lump that used to be a car, well, it sparks my interest. I know what it is. I know what it could be. I desire to make it into something glorious. Clarissa reminds me that my dreams are impractical. And so I […]