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Travels through America’s Breadbasket

December 11, 2011


BY JOHN This Thanksgiving holiday we spent 12 days driving around the Midwest. Akron, OH for Thanksgiving #1; Springfield, OH for Thanksgiving #2; Appleton, WI for 5 days; then down to Gurnee, IL (just outside Chicago) for 3 days; then back to Appleton, WI to get on a the first of  a string of flights, in which, […]

“I Would Trust This Seller With My Life”

November 8, 2011


By John We have been purging lately. Not the wimpy spring cleaning that we are used to. Purging. Every week a pile of stuff appears in front of our bookshelves. Stuff that has to go away and never come back: furniture, books, household items that we can no longer keep, sports equipment, and even some […]

Silent Mountains

September 16, 2011


I want you to stop what you are doing right now. Which I realize is reading this post. But just for a few moments, half a minute; stop. Close your eyes and listen. More than likely you will hear the chorus of voices of your family, the rush of vehicles on the street, the incessant […]