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joyous birthday celebrations

October 2, 2015


  After such a difficult past few months, our hearts are especially full of joy in celebrating the birthdays of our two little girls. Our days are often full of picking up the same messes, reminding Valencia not to climb onto the kitchen counters, and pulling all manner of things out of Tessa’s mouth even […]


August 7, 2015


In July we spent 5 days at a beautiful cabin on the bank of the Wanatchee River. And because friends and glorious nature and story times and lots of play and messy meals and good conversations are all so precious…we are stowing the pictures away here.

Tessa update #3

May 24, 2015


The last few days have been a lot of just waiting and watching, though there has been a few adventures. On Friday we were moved to a new room and were put under isolation protocol, which meant everyone had to put on gown and gloves and mask before entering. It also meant that Valencia was […]

Big Sister

August 20, 2014


Valencia is becoming an older sister soon, not too soon we hope! She now walks around saying “big sister!” and “my toy!” by which we know she is well prepared for this new roll in her life. She has been growing in her understanding of what is happening day by day. Lots of books, and […]

Valencia Photo Update

November 29, 2013


A few people have mentioned that we haven’t had any posts with pics of Valencia recently. So here she is. Can’t believe she will be 15 months in a few days. Her current skills are walking (as of two weeks ago) shaking hands with people hiding stuff under the couch pressing the button on my […]

Cia is 8 months old…and in a basket

April 27, 2013


Baby Cia 5 months old

January 28, 2013